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"Music is a weapon of peace," explains freesoulJAH, "I am one person in a long line, who chose to use this medium to fight opressors and injustice." And he stands true to his word, in Violence Ain't the Answer, freesoulJah speaks of his outrage when facing the current wars for profit, but also includes his own take on the subject, "I won't bear arms, unless they are for hugging."

His lyrics dip into the mind of the individual, asking the tough questions. But it's not just his lyrics which make you think, its also the sound of his recordings, all of which are self produced. When asked about what his music sounds like, you don't really get a straight answer, "I guess it might be classified as Psychedelic Folk music, but those labels are so constricting. I would like to just make the music that comes out of me, and leave the labeling it to somebody else. I wanna be able to bounce from something that you might find in Woody Guthrie's catalog, and then the next song play something reminescent of Bob Marley. There are so many sounds and rythyms, I don't want to be forced into one box, and be expected to stay there."

Its no surprise then, that on 'Light Headed' there are a variety of styles mashed together. There is some funk (Sweet Lovin'), some punk (Nipple Slip Blues), some folk protest (Violence Ain't the Answer), and some songs that don't really fit into any category (Don't Trip). If freesoulJAH continues to write these original sounding tunes, it will be quite a pleasure to hear his next album.

- Tre Marlix


freesoulJAH is not another fly by night dumbass Rasta wanker and this is not a reggae album. Though everything this guy advertises is contradictory to what he actually does, he deserves some credit for throwing it back to a movement that everyone respects but few people attempt (or attempt well), the beat generation. On closer inspection, there is evidence that freesoulJAH may even be aware that this is his true niche, as he does have a song called “Next Beat Generation” tucked away among those other, more sterile titles.

good musc, bad music - review of light headed



freesoulJAH is, well, I'm not really sure I can properly describe him. On first look, I thought perhaps he might do some sort of reggae tinged music. But I gave him a listen and it turns out he does some experimental (experimental being the operative word), oft times psychedelic, hippy folk type stuffs. Yes, I said stuffs! I found myself with the urge to light some incense and craving brownies, you know, the special kind that your friend Moonbeam Starshine's parents make. He has a bunch of music up on his website to listen to and download, so, pop on over and check him out for yourselves. "Peace To The People" is the track that stands out the most to me from his album Light Headed. I'll be honest, I'm still trying to process the record.

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Light Headed

Light Headed music album by freesoulJAH

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Leaving the Huntridge

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the Ultra Sound

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